Kepler's SN

K. Tabetha Hole

Visiting Professor
Department of Physics
Weber State University

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Contact Information

Office: Science Labs 204
Phone: 801-626-7973
Email: tabethahole [at]

Specialty Areas

Theoretical and computational astrophysics.

Research Projects

Dr. Hole's current research focuses on two areas: supernova structure and massive star winds.


Perhaps the most interesting piece of trivia about Dr. Hole is that she was born in Lassa, Nigeria. Since then, she has lived in California, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Utah. Along the way, she got her B. A. in Physics at Oberlin College and a PhD and Masters in Astronomy (with a Physics Minor) from the University of Wisconsin -- Madison. She has also been a Calibration Data Aide at the Chandra X-ray Center and a research postdoc in Physics at East Tennessee State Universty. She is currently a Visiting Professor with the Physics Department at Weber State University. She also enjoys knitting, hiking, and various geeky pursuits.